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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Yoochooz do?
    Yoochooz is an app that actively prevents cyberbullying, and helps parents educate their kids on practicing safe online behaviour. It works by picking up on keywords using the Yoochooz keyboard, and sending alerts if harmful messages are detected. It can also scan images for inappropriate or explicit content. The app gives the user the opportunity to stop and think before they send a harmful message or search for something inappropriate, and the freedom to still go ahead with it if they choose. If they do go ahead, the parent/guardian account will receive a notification with the details, so that a follow up conversation can be had between kids and parents.
  • How much does Yoochooz cost?
    Subscriptions through the App Store and Google Play a priced at $5.99 per month for one device and $9.99 per month for up to 5 devices. Annual subscriptions are paid upfront and discounted to $59.99 per annum for one linked device and $99.99 per annum for up to 5 linked devices.
  • Does one subscription cover multiple kids?
    Upon registering the Child/Youth account, any iPhone or iPad device linked to their guardian account will be monitored.
  • Does my child know that Yoochooz is installed on their device?
    We highly recommend having a conversation with your kids about the Yoochooz app, how it works and why you're implementing it on their devices. Yoochooz will send them alerts if it picks up on any harmful activity, and so they will be aware that the app is installed.
  • Is Yoochooz available outside Australia?
    We still intend on advancing on the current versions with additional features and have decided to make this available in Australia only. However, we are introducing Yoochooz worldwide shortly.
  • Does Yoochooz pick up on harmful images or only harmful texts?
    Yes, the Yoochooz app has ‘Image Screening’ options available in the settings tab, allowing parents to decide if they would like to be alerted of scanned photos from their children’s devices. An alert will be provided to the parents/guardian only.
  • Does Yoochooz monitor all of our family devices at the same time?
    The Yoochooz app works on all mobile and tablet devices, but not on laptops or desktop computers.
  • What do I do when I see an alert come up from one of my children's devices?
    If you're notified that harmful content has been found or sent on your child's device, then we encourage you to approach your child and have an open and honest conversation about it, listening to their story and directing them in how to show kindness and behave safely in their online interactions.
  • How can I prevent my child from deleting the Yoochooz app?
    We have implemented three strategies to alert parents if the child has managed to attempt not to use the Yoochooz platform. The Home screen on the Yoochooz app will notify the parents of the time and date of the child’s last online communication. In the setting under Keyboard, delete the English Keyboard entirely from the device by swiping left, allowing the Yoochooz keyboard as the only option on their device. Proceed to Settings >Screen Time>Content and Privacy Restrictions>ITunes and App Store Purchases>Deleting Apps to Don’t Allow> In-app purchases to Don’t Allow> Require Password to Always Require.
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